ANALYSIS: Best Pay as You Go (PAYG) Mobile Plans (April 2019)

May 2017: We’ve updated this post for May 2017!

Don’t use your phone too often? Pay As You Go plans might be the best way for you to minimise your mobile phone bill. In this post, we’ve looked at Australia’s best value PAYG plans across all mobile networks – see which plan is the best option for you.

 Company PlanTypeNetworkCreditNational CallsNational TextInternational TextDataExcess DataPriceExpiryOther
AldiLinkPAYGPrepaidTelstra 4G$0.12/min$0.12$0.125c/MB365 days$15 minimum recharge
AmaysimLinkPAYGPrepaidOptus 4G$0.11/min$0.11$0.127.2c/MB60 days$10 minimum recharge
DodoLinkPAYGPrepaidOptus 4G$0.12/min$0.12$0.125c/MB365 days$10/60 day expiry, $30/90 day expiry, $50/180 day expiry, $100/365 days
OptusLinkLong ExpiryPrepaidOptus 4G$0.20/min$0.20$0.205c/MB60 days$10 minimum recharge
TelstraLinkSimplicityPrepaidTelstra 4G$0.15$0.12$0.20$0.10/MB30 days$20/30 days expiry, $30/60 days, $50/90 days, $100/180 days
VodafoneLinkPAYGPrepaidVodafone 4G$0.20/min$0.20$0.202c/MB365 days$10 minimum recharge
YomojoLinkPAYGPostpaidOptus 4G$0.11/min$0.09$0.095c/MB90 days

Analysis: The Option

The best option for you depends on how you use your phone:

  • Need the best network coverage? Telstra Simplicity – for full access to Telstra’s 3G and 4G Network
  • Usually make calls within Australia? Yomojo or Dodo both charge $0.11 per minute with no connection fee.
  • Text within Australia? Yomojo charge just $0.09 per national SMS
  • Text internationally? Yomojo charges just $0.09 per international SMS
  • Need Data? Vodafone charges the lowest rate at $0.02 per MB (charged in 512KB increments, with the first 2MB in each session free)
  • Need long expiry? Amaysim offers 365 day expiry with just a $10 recharge.

Overall, Yomojo appears to be the best value option if you use your phone to call or text within Australia – charging the lowest rates for both national calls and SMS.

Apart form this, Aldi, Amaysim and Dodo both have extremely low rates and are well known in the industry. Further, Aldi has the longest expiry by far out of all the options.

We can highly recommend Telstra for their relatively low rates, and their excellent network coverage.

Who offers the best value PAYG Mobile in Australia? We’d love to hear your thoughts, as well as any feedback or discussion related to the article – comment using the text box below.

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3 Responses

  1. mark says:

    Yatango went bust 🙂 YOMOJO took over their customers however YOMOJO website is useless crap..

    • The Option says:

      Thanks for the information Mark. We’ll be updating the information on this site shortly.

  2. Chris says:

    On nov 22 2017 Amaysim is going to start charging 0.15 per minute and per sms. This is an unsupportable 36% price increase and will lose thm my business of 6 years standing

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