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April 2017: We’re currently in the process of updating this post – we’ll update this with the latest information soon!

We’ve just launched our new mobile plan comparison database, which features hundreds of mobile phone plans – both prepaid and postpaid – from many of the leading Australian mobile carriers. We’re continually updating the tool with even more companies and plans, so let us know in the comments if we’re missing any data.

Scroll down for explanations for each column. You can filter specific columns and criteria using the dropdown boxes and search bar.

Coupon Code or LinkDescriptionExpiry Date

Free Shipping31 Jul 2017

EB Games Catalogue31 December.


  • Company: Company Name
  • Plan: Name of the Plan
  • Type: Prepaid or Postpaid
  • Type2: Further plan categorisation
    • Cap Plan: Plan usually includes a “cap” credit amount
    • Contract Plan: requires signing up to a contract, and usually includes a phone
    • SIM Only: Also known as casual or month-to-month plans, these plans do not require signing up to a contract
    • PAYG: Pay As You Go plan
    • Long Life: Typically supports recharges above 180 days
  • Network: The carrier network and supported frequencies the plan uses
  • Std Credit: Standard Credit – usually only on available on prepaid recharges. Standard credit can be used for any purpose without restriction without any additional charges (such as  premium services and addons)
  • Cap Credit: can only typically be used on certain types of usage – such as standard national calls and SMS. However, cap credit can never be used on premium services.
  • Call/min: Call rate per minute
  • Ctn Fee: Connection fee
  • Included minutes: Included minutes in the plan
  • National Text: Cost per standard national text
  • Incl Text: Included text messages in the plan
  • 2m Call: Cost per 2 minute call
  • No 2m Call: Number of 2 minute calls that can be made with the inclusions in the plan
  • No Text: Number of text that can be made with the inclusions in the plan
  • Data: Included data in the plan
  • Increments: How the data is charged per session.
  • Excess Data: Rate is per megabyte, unless the carrier charges excess data in GB blocks.
  • Other: Additional inclusions in the plan – eg. international minutes, or free carrier-to-carrier calls
  • Cost: Cost per standard billing period (for postpaid plans – this is typically per month, varies for prepaid plans)
  • Expiry: Number of days per standard billing period or recharge (for postpaid plans – this is typically per month – about 30 days, while this varies for prepaid plans)
  • More options: This is only used for prepaid services only. Highlights other recharge options available

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